Aug 23

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North Korea’s Social Media strategy illuminated

North Korea’s charge into Web 2.0 territory seems primarily to orient around its online news service, Uriminzokkiri. Whether you’re following the new Twitter account, or the Facebook page, you’re pretty much getting the same feed available on their website. Look to their Youtube page for fresher video content, if you can understand Korean.

Yonhap reports that a note from the creator of the Facebook page seems to seal the deal on the authenticity question: “We are Chosun June 15 Pyonjipsa under the Committee for Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland. We are operating in Pyongyang.” Pyonjipsa means publishing company. It’s worth noting that one of the new Facebook page’s interests is “Lactose free milk”.

Regarding the Facebook disappearance/reappearance from last weekend, it would appear the original page was deleted by Facebook for violating the “terms of service”. While not specifically noting what those violations might have been, PC World speculates that it is against TOS for countries embargoed by the US to represent themselves on Facebook. The account has since been recreated (and I am no longer a friend!)

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