Aug 27

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North Korean Red Star Linux OS Reviewed + Download

It seems a Russian student studying in Pyongyang has leaked a version of Red Star Linux, the official operating system of North Korea. This site doesn’t see a lot of traffic, so I think I’m safe in hosting these direct download links, for now, anyways. The operating system is completely Korean, so if you’re unfamiliar with the language, you might not get very far, however the installation is fairly straightfoward. You might want to try loading it on a virtual machine such as VMWare, or a separate computer to avoid data loss.

This is really just your typical Linux distro, maybe a year or two out of date, but otherwise not shabby. Email, OpenOffice, Firefox, antivirus, firewall (called “Pyongyang Fortress”) and other typical goodies you’d expect with a distro. There isn’t a lot of propaganda here, just some blatant GPL violations. But why would DPRK care about that?

Interesting that the predefined Firefox bookmarks lead to internal websites (IP address in the private block such as Though I’m certain not a lot of people have any sort of computer, much less, network access, this state sanctioned OS is probably most used in universities.

For your enjoyment:

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