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Update 12/30/2014: Once again, the mysterious slipstream has provided us a gem: Red Star OS 3.0 Desktop! Here are the release notes (apologies for messing up the ascii art formatting):

_________________ ________/ \____________ ______________
| | _____ |slip| |\ / | |__| __ | |
| ____| |___| |____| | \ /| __| ___| | ____|
| | | _____| ____ | / \|__ | |__| /\ | |
| | | | /___/ |/__ _\ | | \/ | |
|___| |________|________| \ / |______|_____|_/\_|___|

Red Star OS 3.0 Desktop *retail*
I gave you server, now here's desktop! Welcome, one and all, to best korea's Linux distro, version 3.0.
Otherwise known as, "the one to prease the fappletards".
Unlike server, this one doesn't need a serial, just mount in your VM and go boot from it :D
acf53d2b50ecb1391044b343502becf5 redstar_desktop3.0_sign.iso
3eb7ca51105614f3716ceb7dad0ceda9ba0f906a redstar_desktop3.0_sign.iso
895ad0e01ae0d35a65e9ac42dd34d0a1d685d6dfa331ce5b4f24bbc753439be3 redstar_desktop3.0_sign.iso
To use this, I guess you better praise juche ideals and post sincere comments about how much you love DPRK to /r/pyongyang.
But don't ask about The Interview.. I've heard its a touchy subject there... ;)
Wanna ~~cyber~~ discuss this, and maybe just maybe shower me with praise?
or: #RIS
Or perhaps you'd like to shower me with dogecoins? DRFLRDccwLbdzgGPPADMDxZBXQxn5We3sb
~ slipstream / raylee - "pulling data out of DPRK's ass since 2014!"

I will write more about this later — a couple of key notes is that networking does not seem to work by default, su/sudo are not present… you probably don’t want this to be your daily driver anyways. 🙂

Martyn Williams of provides a brief illustrated guide to installation:

If you don’t want to download via torrent linked in slipstream’s readme, I have the local files here:


Update 6/6/2014: PirateBay user slipstream (commenting below, thank you sir!) has somehow come across a copy of Red Star OS 3.0 Server. You can torrent the release here: Red Star OS 3.0 Server (DPRK Linux Distro)

I have also mirrored the contents of the torrent on this site, feel free to download here: Red Star OS 3.0 Server

I have set this up in VirtualBox and poked around with this a little. This is server software and virtually all of the command prompts are in Korean. If you’ve installed a linux distro before, then the steps are fairly straightforward: Choose a password (it’s a little picky, so use a good one), hard disk partitioning, then choosing which applications you want installed, and an option graphical user interface. Sadly, it does not come with the same wallpaper collection from Red Star 3.0. Will update this space soon with more detail.

redstar3_1 redstar3_2

slipstream offers some startup notes in the readme.txt:

_________________    ________/  ____________  ______________
|       | _____ |slip|   |       /      |  |__| __ |       |
|   ____| |___| |____|   |      /|    __|  ___|    |   ____|
|   |  |   _____|  ____  | /     |__    |  |__| / |   |
|   |  |        | /___/  |/__    _      |     | / |   |
|___|  |________|________|     / |______|_____|_/_|___|

Red Star OS 3.0 Server x86 *cracked*

Sure, there's probably an easier way but i'm lazy and can't be bothered to recreate the iso in a linux vm.

So.. you need to burn boot.iso and rss3_32_key_gui_20131212.iso

Insert the boot cd (or mount it in your VM) and boot from it, when you get to the blue install screen swap media to rss3_32_key_gui_20131212

This first screen asks for a serial, but it accepts any serial (even a blank one) if you boot from boot.iso, which has 12 bytes nopped out in /sbin/loader of initrd. It'd be appreciated if some reverser more skilled than me can take a look at the serial algorithm and code a keygen. I believe the algo is located at 0x806A820.

Don't ask me how I got this. Also don't ask me why the redstar guys added serial protection since redstar 2.x.

There exists an x64 version of this, but I don't have that, just the x86 version.

I also do not have the desktop version, just the server version, but since this is the first ever leak of Red Star OS Server, and the first ever leak of redstar 3.0, why aren't you thanking me already?!


~ slipstream

PS: umad DPRK?

If you like this, tip me dogecoins! DSLipVHJVRbMJCtdZXmo2ntKz6xRXMWvtY

Red Star 2.0 is still available below.


Red Star Linux Operating System: Like to live dangerously? Why not download and run North Korea’s homebrew Linux distribution on your main computer? This distro is split into two .ISO files, and I am assuming you know what to do with them if you’re endeavouring to download them. The first disc is bootable, and allows you to install the North Korean OS, whereas the second disc is supplementary software.

1) I don’t support you running this for anything other than curiousity purposes.  This Korea Herald article specifically states that the OS was designed to monitor and report on web usage. I doubt running this outside the country will be able to report anything back to the reclusive state, but out of an abundance of caution, you may want to run this with the network unplugged.
2) This is entirely in Korean! You won’t get an option to choose your language.

That being said, it’s a perfectly usable OS with decent driver support. It’s a couple of years out of date, but otherwise comes equipped with an Office suite, Firefox, games and other goodies. It’s quite useful right out of the box! Software installation is RPM based, and those at home on Red Hat Linux distros should be relatively comfortable here. I’d really like to dig further into its internals, but the language barrier is holding me back. A good fellow at the Desktop Linux Reviews website has an indepth review, if you’re interested.

These downloads are big, so out of respect for my otherwise very affordable hosting company, please download one file at a time. This site isn’t really that busy traffic-wise, but if Bluehost asks me to take the files down because they’re getting hammered, I will. So without further a-do…

Red Star Linux Disc 1 (.iso) – Bootable installation disc, all you need if you’re just playing. (720mb)
Red Star Linux Disc 2 (.iso) – Additional supplementary software. (700mb)

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  1. Tim


  2. Nick

    How interesting — thanks so much for hosting the OS images. I look forward to playing around with the software, to explore what reporting goes on as it is running.

    1. Chinaman

      Please post findings somewhere I would love to see

      1. Mazda

        These are the default themes in Red Star OS, they are literary called “MacStyle” and there is a hidden one called “XP-Grassy”.

        All on github in the BlueStarOS joke project lol

  3. Mitsuyuki Hiyoshi

    Thank you very much.

  4. Inseri

    I tested it on an IBM R52 Laptop and the first thing I will say will be this OS work quite fine. The OS boot quite quickly (about 30 sec on a old ATA drive and on a 8-year-old computer), it comes whit a text editor suite named “Uri” (it seems to be an Open Office fork), a web browser( a fork of Firefox named Naenara), a firewall (the famous Pyongyang Fortress)(it seems it this one that monitoring the system (at least, it record all your connections on the machine, with Internet or not)), an antivirus (I don’t know why there is an antivirus on a Linux Distro but this one is efficient [more than some Windows antiviruses]), a multimedia program (it is good, it read all the files I wanted (MP3, some *.avi and other formats), a “Wine” program (not very efficient this one, Paint shop Pro 5 (this is a very old image editor)don’t run and a lot of programs need windows .NET extension or at least win xp SP2), CD/DVD burner program (not tested). Except for the names of some programs and the naenara website at the default page of the browser, there are not too many propaganda inside the system (just some “idealized” scenery of DPRK).

    However, it is impossible to update the system (maybe the update servers are only available in DPRK or they are simply down)

  5. Animedude5555

    I found the Korean flash games are now all broken links. If someone here managed to download the SWF files for the flash games on their site, please send them to me at

    Thanks in advance.

  6. greg rhame

    no if you really want to live dangerously, then you use windows.

  7. Plan B price

    Article writing is also a excitement, if you be acquainted with after
    that you can write or else it is complicated to write.

  8. simon

    I think I will run this through a virtual pc onto a proxy address based in north korea. Then have it searching how to take them out, and try to bind the ip onto one in use by a government department.

    1. Paul

      “How To Get A Nuclear Bomb Heading Your Way 101”

  9. simon

    Also I will setup a mirror link to my servers after putting the ISOS on it so it don’t kill your server.

  10. Someone

    Any ideas on when your going to upload the version 3.0 of Red Star OS?

    1. ReasonableMan

      I would gladly host if I had access to the ISOs. The recent press around 3.0 seems to center around a foreign PUST professor purchasing the software and bringing it home… no hint that there’s a copy of the ISOs floating around in the wild. I’ll certainly update this page if I track them down!

      1. canihazsamjiyonfirmwareandredstar1.0plz

        Can I have redstar 1.0

        It looks like this
        The only ISOs i find are 2.0 and 3.0

        But I want 1.0 as well

        Someone made that screenshot so they must have a copy of it

        This might be it but it won’t download on my end

        Please mirror it and see if it is redstar 1.0

        1. Vienna Binders

          The link you have provided linked to either tells me my phone is infected or to an NSFW site.

        2. Quantex101

          Currently downloading the torrent you linked to. I’ll mirror evantually when the download is completed and verified that it’s indeed redstar 1.0

          1. Sausage man

            The download finished yet? Please post your link

            This is the magnet URI magnet:?xt=urn:btih:3B7B9B9B9455C3FA298AAFF163E3DF220CF39084&dn=redstar.iso&

  11. Agung Suhendro

    2.0 version ????? I want 3.0 Version !!!
    I have 2.0 version !! And now i want 3.0 version !!!!

  12. Slayer

    so, does anyone have a DL link to the latest version? (3.0, i think) or has that not found its way to the internet yet?

  13. slipstream

    If anyone wants some form of Red Star OS 3.0…

    here’s Red Star 3.0 Server.. 🙂

  14. doop

    I got the boot iso running in VB. i’ve got the supplementary iso but am wary of running it before having an idea of whats on it. does op or any of the commenters have an idea of what kind of software it contains?

  15. Steven Tingàte

    when i try and input a key that it asks for when i run the installer, it gives me an error, anybody know a key that works ?

    1. Reasonable Man

      Sorry for the late response. You can enter in any value for the key and it should accept it.

      1. Sausage man


        Can you download and mirror this? Seems to be a leaked copy of redstar 1.0

  16. someone

    I cannot seem to get pass the password screen. I am getting this message:

  17. mrdaxtercrane

    Anyone have a clue on how to install applications to this system? I keep getting “cannot be done” or “permission denied”.

  18. webmaster

    Linux never die!

    Thanks Red Star OS.

  19. wow

    ale kicha

  20. slipstream

    OK, remember Red Star 3.0 server? Here’s Red Star 3.0 Desktop.

    1. the sus boat

      hey mate, do you have samjiyon firmware?

      if so can i have it please

  21. skalada

    how can I configure my grub2 to boot with it included int my multiple boot optios??

  22. gica

    Bag Pula in red star comunisti parsivi de coreeni suge Pula

    1. nigger420

      bravo bai baiatule esti foarte tare

  23. Anonymous

    It is possible to change the system language, see
    (sorry, source only in german).

  24. juliusybl

    Thanks dude !!

  25. Robintel

    To help with downloading and availability, the unmodified ISOs are also available here.

  26. Alex Arya

    When you install the operating system
    The highway spy and malware to your system the way you want
    North Korea!, China, Russia, islamic republic (Enemies of the Internet)
    Take a wise decision.

    1. Wzrd1

      Erm, it seems that you don’t know what you are doing or know what you are talking about.
      Fortunately, most of us are competent and know what an operating system can do and can’t do, as well as many of us exterminate malware as a hobby.

      1. Th3UniQu3

        I’m *sure* he’s just trying to protect us! Those North Koreans are dastardly villains!

        1. Ray007

          The villains are those who do evil! North Korea did not do anything wrong, and the world did not suit the war! Over the past 30 years, America has killed more people in the world and destroyed Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Avganistan, Syria and create an Islamic state.It does not interfere in the internal affairs of the country and over time in these countries will improve.

          1. K-PoP-AnGeL

            Finally thank you Ray 😉 someone with a brain who doesn’t have it brainwashed by the Western society 😉 *highfive*

    2. O_0

      I’m russian and i’m just looking information about north-korean OS. Why russia is a enemies of enternet?
      And yes. How OS red-star on got to global network? Who is slipstream?
      Happy new year!

  27. EHSAN

    its very goood

  28. EHSAN


  29. EHSAN

    Windows or Mac but not as good.


    Do you think someone will ever translate these versions to English?

  31. Ada

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  32. kim jong un

    this is offensive to my glorious nation

    1. James fouler

      Redstar is is the one good thing north Korea has ever done

      But I like it, especially the maclike version

      1. Sausage man

        The sausage

  33. guocuozuoduo

    After booting, I get a screen 기타 (others). I am prompted to enter 사용자이름 (username) and 암호 (password, which I assume to be the same as the one used in the installation). After confirming, it shows a message: 인증 실패 (Authentication failed). Does anyone have a solution?

    1. Vienna Binders

      You need a password that has at least 6 characters in length.

  34. Onaneedtoknowbasis

    Some one put this on a VM and call 855-504-4759 they are computer scammers. let them do a remote access and have them try and figure out how it works and record them while doing so and post
    The vid on YouTube

  35. Pembe Club

    Looks very nice from mapped by the operating system will try to necessarily ..

  36. Daniel

    I would never boot this on a regular pc. I use virtual machines. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m about to.

  37. Nargunomics

    Everybody says it’s very NSA-like, an example of how the NSA wishes to configure the Internet. So it’s imperative for people to study how a genuine totalitarian state actually expects computers and the Internet to work.

  38. ramadana

    I has been install the red star os, on my laptop thinkpad x61 it’s good broo
    and very Quickly, then very confortable to use
    but, here is nothing south korea h eh eh eh …. why

  39. infohart

    Obrigado pelo download. Vamos ao teste aqui no Brasil.

  40. viktor ivanovich

    its way better than windows 10 and any of the windows versions , its amazingly fast , compared to the american made shitware and bloatware which are being spied by the NSA

    1. Vienna

      Hello? I’m using Microsoft Windows 10 right now!

  41. Tanner

    That looks almost exactly like the old Mac OS X, most people think because in a picture of Kim Jong Un, they found an iMac on his desk, and he told his scientist to make it look EXTREMELY like OS X, all they did was get the OS X Unix code and edit it and put “K” i front of everything, so instead of Finder, you get kFinder and theres no iMovie, but there is a bootlegged version called, you guessed it, kMovie.

    1. Lil'ToNe

      This looks like mac but is based on Fedora!!!!!!

  42. Mitja

    Hi can someone please tell me how to install Red Star OS 3 Server version (Is it posible to change installer language there?) It all goes fine until I am present with a screen to set root password (I know that it must have 6 characters) I’ve tried everything from Dprk88, Bhrtr88, lol123 but I am always present with the same error message that I don’t know that it means

    So can someone please tell me how to change installer language to english or provide some root password that installer will accept

    Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards

  43. Haakon

    I wonder… Can it run WINE? That way we can finally play Starcraft no a Korean OS… :p

    1. Kavi

      The “additional software” iso has a version of wine on it. It is compatible with both versions.

  44. Kavi

    The finder is ripped straight from OS X, and not just imitating it.
    If you search something, it will say “Search This Mac”

    1. Strut

      Mac software on Linux?

  45. mdolezel

    The license key for server is 5212-4481-6B0B-0F09-5D1E (letters have to be typed in capital case)

  46. Kim Sung Tang-pok


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  51. marinaldo

    eu instalei ele no notebook cce eu gostei muito do sistema muito bom lembra o osx mac so aplicativo que e diferente mas o Red. Star 2.0 e bom eu usaria se ele tivesse o idioma em português ou inglês mas ele os ta coreano bem feito bem bolado o cara fez ele sabe e conhece de sistema por isso que fechado

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  53. imran

    can u give me red star os 64 bit iso?

    1. Vienna Binders

      The owner said he only has the x86 version.

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  56. Kriss Legrand

    I am a computer software Quality Assurance Engineer.
    I am very interested in knowing this application and how it works

  57. Beau Hefley

    I want to see if I can reverse engineer this, and give North Korean citizens a jailbreak. I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to help them get past their censorship firewall, but I should be able to find a way to get them root so they can be as free as we are. I mean, yeah, we should be able to smuggle in an actual Linux disk, but I still want to have a look at this os.

  58. FirstBruce

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