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  • North Korean Economy Watch – Curtis Melvin’s wonderful blog featuring insightful analysis of the economic happenings in the DPRK. Updates frequently with fresh, new content. The real gem in this site is his masterfully crafted Google Earth KMZ that attempts to map the various landmarks, facilities, palaces, military bases, and much more. I would like to shake this man’s hand, it boggles my mind how many sites he has managed to nail down. You can get lost in this KMZ for days.
  • North Korea Leadership Watch – Michael Madden’s equally terrific blog devoted to keeping tabs on the upper crust of North Korean society and the movements of the Kim family.
  • Laura & Euna, Now Liberated – L.A. entertainment journalist Richard Horgan started this blog/Twitter account to help raise awareness regarding the 2009 detainment of Current TV journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee. Since their rescue by former US President Bill Clinton, the feed and site have stayed active, raising awareness of the happenings in DPRK via news and blog links. Follow his other DPRK Twitter feed for news on the ongoing humanitarian crisis.
  • Leonid Petrov’s KOREA VISION – Dr. Petrov is a professor of Korean history at the University of Sydney, and shares his essays on North Korea (and Korea in general) online for us all.
  • 38 North: Informed Analysis of North Korea – Most Pyongyang watchers are aware of the speculation and assumptions that start with one person’s misguided idea and quickly become mainstream news. 38 North, a project by the US-Korea Institute at the School of Advanced International Studies, John Hopkins University (that’s a mouthful) endeavours to provide quality analysis of the news and stories coming ot of the DPRK, and quash the ignorance and rumours that are all too prevalent in Western media’s depiction of the North.
  • One Free Korea – Joshua Stanton’s well-versed blog also fights the good fight against bad journalism and ill-informed conclusions. I have personally learned a lot from this man’s website and his vitriolic responses to mainstream press covering North Korea. Some great discussions occur in the comments sections of his posts as well.
  • North Korea Tech – Martyn Williams of IDG News Service fills a wonderful niche with his blog analyzing and documenting the backwards but burgeoning information technology field in North Korea. Check the References section on this page for some of the great resources his site offers.
  • PIIE Blog | North Korea: Witness to Transformation – Marcus Noland and Stephan Haggard, authours of the groundbreaking new book “Witness to Transformation: Refugee Insights into North Korea“, share their deep knowledge and opinion of the continuing crisis on the Korean peninsula.
  • NK News – Probably the most “2.0” of the North Korea sites out there, NK News is an aggregation service, a spot to read opinions from its myriad of contributors, a fantastic host of exclusive feature stories. If I could find one fault, it would be that the same stories from different sources are often repeated due to the number of contributors linking frseh stories. Oh, and if you’re interested in getting a job in or around the DPRK, this is the place to look for openings.
  • CanKor – A mashup of CANada and KORea, CanKor is a useful online resource from my home and native land. Started by Erich Weingartner, a man who has spent much of his life involved with Korea, most notably as the first Canadian and NGO (for the World Food Programme) resident in Pyongyang. Less of a blog, and more of a think-tank, you’ll learn a lot here.

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